Project 365

Project 365 is a project in which I will take one photo every day for one year, to be posted on this page. The project began on December 13th, 2013 (because January 1st just seems too cliché).

This project is intended to serve a few purposes. Firstly, it will force me to bring a camera everywhere I possibly can, as well as get more creative and try new things. Secondly, it will serve as a document of my year - sort of a visual diary. The being said, not all of the photos will look great. I'll have my good days and bad days, and sometimes I may only have my phone to snap a pic. But that's the great thing about this project; it's not about polish, it's just about the experience.

If you'd like to know any info on the photos, I post them to Tumblr with captions (I'm not internet-smart enough to add captions on this page).